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"Training ground for spiritual life"


There was a poor man in a village who had desire to become rich. God took the form of a fortune-teller and told the poor man to dig a pit near the wall at the back of his house to find a rich treasure-trove in it. The poor man did the same and obtained much wealth and thereafter, he became relaxed and careless even for the maintenance of the wealth. Coming to know of his carelessness, one day a thief entered the house and carried away the treasure-trove. The poor man found that his wealth was gone and ran here and there in search of the treasure-trove. In the meantime, the same fortune-teller caught hold of the thief and duly returned the treasure-trove to the poor man. From that moment, he never relaxed his vigilance and was ever guarding the treasure-trove and exerted himself to add to it.


Similarly, God sends a Guru to the Spiritual Aspirant who shows him that God resides within the chambers of the heart in the form of Supreme Bliss. The Spiritual Aspirant exerts himself and attains some measure of success in the sadhana. This success turns his head and makes him relax his efforts. Finding this, Maya overpowers him and carries away his spiritual progress. He suddenly discovers the truth and laments over his fate. The Guru comes to him again and recaptures for him the experiences he had previously gained by Sadhana. He also warns him against relax in Sadhana. Once having known the consequences of non-vigilance, viz., great misery, he never relaxes his vigilance once again.


The basic teaching of our ancient scriptures says that you are child of Immortality (Amrithasya puthraah). Man is not a product of slime or mud but he is the one who manages to live with viveka so that he is able to attain the divinity latent in him. The word 'Man' means - Ma means 'Ajnaana' (basic ignorance), n, na means 'without'. One is called as 'Man', He who is without ignorance, who is wise and who knows himself and knows that he is immortal. Man is frittering his energy on collecting tawdry tensel (Materialistic things) and forgetting the diamonds (God's Grace). Both are available on earth but man is led by glitter and not by worth.


The most desirable form of wealth is the Grace of God i.e., Ishwara anugraha (the Lord's Grace). The bliss that bestows due to God's Grace is experienced by many saints and sages who had faith in their hearts and withstood the onslaughts of poverty, neglect and cruelty. The sky and the sea are blue in colour on account of their vast depth. Similarly, God is described in blue colour because of his greatest mystery. Remove from the heart the darkness of vice and ignorance so that, the Meghashyama (whose colour is that of a rain-cloud) can easily be seen in that white background. Do not further darken your consciousness by blaming God due to your materialistic problems. Better live a moment as hamsa(swan) on milk than live for a century as crow by feeding on carrion.


Man is the repository of vast power. The body encasing you is the means to enable you to realise the Reality. Use the opportunities in the house-holder life as a training ground for spiritual life and develop detachment and self-sacrifice. You must remove the fibrous matter that encases his heart i.e., lust, anger and envy. You must Draw inspiration from the Divine in you and earn the glory by being good, sincere, honest, selfsacrificing and lovable.


Use your tongue for spelling the name of the Lord but not for hissing like a serpent or for growling with intention to strike terror. Do not start blaming the God if your wish is not fulfilled because the fault lies in you for not having the needed qualification to earn the fulfillment. The sorrows of life will yield only to nobler and higher thoughts and experiences. Our dharma insists that every act must be done as efficiently as act of worship and true love must forget all differences of status, age and wealth and man cannot claim humanity without self-control and detachment. Hear good things, see good, do good, think good and uproot all the evil tendencies will be uprooted otherwise, you are like the fool who puts on wrong glasses and spoils his vision.


Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai