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Cultivation of Love is the Real Sadhana


Once a deer was playing with its mate in a garden full of flowers. Its attention was completely absorbed in the sweet humming of the bees and it failed to notice the hungry wolves and hunter approaching it. Soon, the hunter released the arrow and killed it in a minute before it could realise its fate. Similarly, a deluded man roam around eating and enjoying with beautiful woman whose beauty lasts for a short time and fades soon like the evening flower. The man gets absorbed in the sweet talks of his wife children ignores the wolves of years that are ready to devour his life. Finally, the hunter (death) sends the man to the other world with one arrow before he could even enquire into the nature of the self. O man! Do not waste a single moment in sensual enjoyment. Wake up and meditate on God.


One has to enquire as to 'what is it that remains unchanged in the past, present, and future?' One has to gradually give up dehabhimana (attachment to the body) and cultivate Atmabhimana (love toward the Atma). The true and eternal Atma Thathwa which is immanent in your body can be realised by the jnana netra i.e., eyes of wisdom. So, forget about the body and concentrate to attain the Atmic Bliss through Prema (love). The true moksha (Liberation) is to give up the body attachment and naturally developing vairagya i.e., renunciation. Never forget that Atma is divine.


God's love is the only Truth that will never change. The physical love is momentary but God's love is beyond all description. God is the only source from which love flows. The pure and selfless love that emerges from the heart always grows but never goes like physical love. A printed matter on a piece of paper cannot be separated from it. Likewise, your heart should be like a pure white paper to print inseparable 'love matter'. Cultivation of such love is the real sadhana (Spiritual practice). All your sufferings are removed by cultivating pure and selfless love. Love is the only path that can lead you to liberation.


God has neither birth nor death;

God has neither beginning nor end;

God is present in all beings as the eternal witness;


Secular education is essential to make out a livelihood and to take care of physical needs. But, Only Atma Vidya (knowledge of the Self) can grant everlasting happiness. Worldly education is Negative and spiritual education is Positive. Both are essential for happiness here and hereafter. One has to struggle for truth, for mercy, for grace, for sympathy and for liberation. One has to raise his standard of conduct and behaviour, the standard of morals and manners, the standard of social and individual discipline and instill deep desire for discovering the inner Divinity.


One may acquire high academic qualification;

One may acquire wealth, perform acts of charity, attain name and fame;

One may have physical strength and enjoy long and healthy life;

One may be a great scholar;

None of them can equal a true devotee of the Lord.

-         SATHYA SAI

Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai