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Get immersed in the Bliss of Aathma



Once there were four learned scholars - An Ayurvedic doctor, an astrologer, a musician and a logician who are highly learned in his own science and had great authority in his own subject but empty of wisdom concerning life. Once they had to spend a day at a village. Now, each one went about collecting articles for their food. The Ayurvedic doctor went to buy some vegetables but he soon walked back home with empty hands as his medical knowledge concerning the food-value of vegetables would not allow him to choose any. The Astrologer climber a coconut tree but stood on half-way down the tree because he heard a donkey from a nearby house brayed and started to work out the astrological consequences of this donkey's braying. The musician took the task of cooking rice. He observed that the sound of the boiling rice pot do not conform to his known laws of music. Soon the musician broke the pot and thereby the rice fell over the ground and as lost. The logician was returning with a cup full of ghee and it struck to his logic-loving mind to test and verfify whether the cup supported the ghee or the ghee did the cup. He at once turned the cup upside down and the ghee fell down and was lost. So, Book-learning is lifeless knowledge. So, A True sadhaka should acquire true wisdom by following instructions of his spiritual master but not by reading any number of books.


You should know the Truth and must recognise the 'highest' before the death mauls you mortally. The truth can flash only in a mind clear of all blemishes. When the Truth dawns, all is Light. There is no more darkness, no more fear or hate or even love. All are subsumed into the One without a Second. Sit and Enquire for just a moment within yourself about the conditions and conflicts of your own inner world happening against the permanent backdrop of the unchanging Athman which is your innermost core. Once you know 'That', everything becomes known; Once you possess ‘That’, everything is possessed by you.


God alone is eternal. Man is a momentary flash, a tiny wavelet that rises and falls. So, fill yourselves with vast thoughts, magnificent ideas and with indefinable splendour by reciting the Names of God that describe him to your receptive consciousness. That is the main discipline for this Age. Examine the reality of the body and escape from this false identification. This is the hall-mark of jnana. Love all; revere all; help all to the best of your ability. Endeavour to be as beneficial, as sweet, as soft as possible. Then the spot on which you stand become as sacred as Kaashi; the words that you utter will be as holy as scripture. This saadhana will lead you to Realisation.


Naamasmarana and Naamasankeerthana (remembering and singing God's holy Names) are not just an assortment of sounds. Words have tremendous power and they act as potent forces that bring up great reserves of strength and wisdom. Take the Name of the Lord to protect yourself against beasts of prey in the jungle of life. The Name of Lord is the rifle and your feeling is the bullet. So, hit the target(form) using rifle(Name of Lord) with a bullet(feeling). Manthras (sacred letters) are carried to the deities to whom they are addressed with the help of subtler waves. Therefore, have faith in the Name of the Lord and repeat it whenever you get the chance.


If you trust in Yanthra shakthi(power of instruments), life becomes inert matter;

If you trust in Manthra Shakthi(active principle), life is activated;




Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai