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About Dharma, Reflection of Atma, Spiritual Discipline and Maya

Once Emperor Akbar laughed at the Hindu idea of the Formless adopting Form and descending into world as an Avathar to save dharma. He asked his courtiers that "Why god cannot set about the task of restoring Dharma through the many gods that are available at his Command?". Tansen asked for a week's time to furnish the answer and got it granted by his Imperial Majesty. Few days later, Tansen accompanied Emperor's family in the pleasure boat sailing across the lake. He cleverly threw overboard a doll made to look like the Emperor's little son crying at the same time, "O, the Prince has fallen into the water!" Hearing this, the Emperor jumped into the lake to rescue his son!. Tansen disclosed that it was only a doll and that the Prince was safe. He allayed the anger of Akbar by explaining that he had perforce to enact this drama in order to demonstrate the truth of the Hindu belief that God takes human form to save Dharma without commissioning some other entity to carry out the task because God loves it so deafly like a Father loves his dear. The intensity of Love of God towards Dharma is so great that he himself comes so that you can talk to Him, move with Him, serve Him, adore Him, and achieve Him, so that you can recognise your kinship with Him. Dharma declines when you forget the 'One' and run after the 'many' and when there is no love, no sacrifice, no detachment in human affairs.


When a pot with nine holes is placed over a burning lamp, the light that comes through the holes is the light of the lamp. Similarly, the reflection of Atma is seen through the holes(senses) in the earthen pot(body). When the pot is removed i.e., body consciousness is removed, the jyothi is seen fully i.e.,the Athma is realised. When the thick cover(ignorance) is placed over the pot, you cannot even recognise that there is lamp inside which illumines the senses. One has to develop thirst to know the conditions and conflicts of his own inner world happening against the permanent backdrop of the unchanging Athman which is your innermost core. Once you know this, everything becomes known, no other act is needed and all things are possessed by you.


In the grindstone the base is steady and unmoving; the upper grinder moves; but both are stones.  So too, the chara and the achara (the fixed and the changing) i.e., the base and the superstructure, are all Brahman. Prakrithi (objective world) moves; Brahman (Supreme Being) is steady; both are inextricably inter-related(Avinaabhaava-sambandha (relationship of interdependent existence). The close relationship of Physical, Mental and the Objective world with God is to be recognised so that they lead you into light. The strokes of hammer lend shape and beauty to god. Similarly, Athma gets name and form through the strokes of multifarious karma from birth to birth. This has to be set right by Aadhyathmic rigour i.e., spiritual discipline.


Once a monkey-catcher set a trap by keeping some peanuts in a pot with narrow neck. A monkey tried to grab the peanuts from the pot but cannot pull out its clenched fist from the narrow neck of the pot. It can easily take its hand out only when it releases the hold on the peanuts it has grasped in the fist. No one neither thrust monkey's hand into the pot nor forced the monkey to grab the nuts. It has become the victim of its own rapacity. Similarly, you enter into trap set by maya because of your greed. Man is suffering because he cannot rid himself of the greed for sense-objects and sense-pleasures(vishaya vasana). He knows that he has to give up whatever he earns and collects sooner or later. But, yet his attachment waxes instead of waning. If every man on earth could take even a handful of mud from the Earth, there would have been ration for mud at so many ounces per head!!


You will get millions to tell you what is pleasing to you; but, it is difficult to get one in a million who can tell you what is good for you.                                   




Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai