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Seeking refuge in God solves all your problems



A man was highly infatuated with a prostitute and never even looked at his wife except at food-time. Once, his friend and well-wisher told him to desist from visiting the prostitute because she got a fell-disease. The man ran to the prostitute and examined as instructed by the friend and found that his friend was correct. At that very moment, great disgust for the prostitute entered his mind and ran away back to his wife who gave him untainted joy throughout his life-time. Thereafter, he constantly enjoyed the edifying company of his wife and enjoyed pure happiness. Similarly, Man is devoted to Maya (the objects of sense-enjoyments) and does not even care look at his Self. Then, a self-realised soul comes to him as his dearest friend and benefactor and tells him to give up his Maya and abandon these sense-pleasures because they are perishable and they are tainted with character of bringing endless misery. Finally, they bring disease, old age and death. The man at once sits in a calm place and reflects over the well-wisher's words. He realises the Truth and banishes sense-objects from his mind. Finally, he enjoys the bliss of the self throughout his life and he is eventually gets liberated.


Man should not forget the real purpose for which he is created on earth. The sacred mission of Man is to help the Atman(self) encased in the body to join the paramatman. You are the Athma encased in five sheaths - the Annamaya (the one composed of food), the Pranamaya (the one composed of vitality), the Manomaya (the one composed of thought), the Vijnanamaya (the one composed of intelligence) and the Aanandamaya (the one composed of bliss). The sadhaka has to abandon one kosha after another to achieve the knowledge of his unity with Brahmam. Only persistent effort, personal experience, and intensive feeling can realize the existence of God. You see Him in all humanity once the "I" in you is erased and finally, you become one with God. Logic and creative imagination in our Sastras can take us only to the lower level of awareness. Logical arguments and eloquent speeches do not help to feel the presence of God 

External enemies of man can either be conquered or befriended. However, his internal enemies like desire, anger, greed, pride, attachment, and jealousy remain concealed causing untold havoc. They can be vanquished only through God's Grace. Seeking refuge in God solves all your problems. Let your minds be imbued with love and devotion to God.  So let us pray and fit ourselves to be the recipient of His Grace. Discover the fountain of joy which is never-failing, ever-full and ever-cool rising from God. Strive to arrive at the stage when 'His' wish alone will count and you are an instrument in his hands. 

Man aspires to enjoy the Supreme Bliss. This is possible by renouncing the worldly things and by offering the following eight flowers: Nonviolence, Control of senses, Sympathy, Patience, Peace, Austerity, Meditation and Truth. When one experiences supreme bliss by feeling the presence of God, the minute soul will be merged with the Universal Soul and there will be no difference between Nara and Narayana.One cannot realize one's soul until the ego vanishes. One should be free from ego, pride, and prejudice and develop self-confidence. Try to be near God as near as His own kin and be ever in service i.e.,in doing good and being good. 

Happiness lies in contentment;

Happiness leads to peace of mind;

Peace of mind results in concentration;


Concentration is the basis of meditation. Through meditation mind is united with Sachchidanada. True spiritual pursuit leads the Saadhaka into Samadhi in which the Jagat (universe) and the Jeeva (life) disappear. All relative existences vanish leaving behind only the Brahman, the Absolute. The mind of a yogi is like a wave-less sea due to his mastery over the self. When youth vanishes, you cannot control the mind. When body is worn out, you cannot do sadhana. Strive now earnestly to attain spirituality and the highest perfection.  

Do not seek to find fault in others; give up para dushana and para himsa (maligning and injuring others); do not scandalise any one; do not feel envy or malice; Be always sweet in temperament and in talk; Fill your conversation with devotion and humility. Live with prema, in prema, for prema. Then the Premaswaruupa (Divine Love personified) will grant you all that you need. One who cleans his inner self is ready to receive the grace of God. 

You have to put up poles at regular intervals and connect the house with the power house with cables to bring the power from the power-house to your house. Similarly, Do sadhana at regular timings and connect yourself with God by the cable of smarana (remembering the Lord) to win the Grace of God. Manava Jeevans has come to us as God's greatest boon. Let us not throw it away in ignorance.

Source : 

Discourse given by Poojyasri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji's discourse

: Discourse given by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Baba

: Text from Sri Swamy Shivananda

Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai