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Develop the saadhana of self-effacement

Once there was a miser devotee heard of efficacy of worshipping the jaggery idol of vinayaka. He did not want to spend money for buying Naivedya(food-offering) to the Lord. Anyhow, he got the idol prepared and commenced the puja. When the time came for offering Naivedya, he found that the idol had a big belly (made of jaggery). So, he took a pen-knife and cut a small of vinayaka's belly and placed that jaggery on a plate to offer to the idol as Naivedya. To teach him a lesson, Vinayaka made him such a pauper that he had to feed on his own flesh and die a miserable death. Similarly, some people approach saints and sages with impious intensions and speak honey words. They will not spend even a pie on charity and even try to deceive the saints by taking flowers and fruits from the saint's own abode making a show of offering them to him! Finally, the little prosperity and intelligence is taken away from them and eventually they die a miserable death sunk in ignorance and delusion.


The sadhaka (spiriual aspirant) should be like a good farmer. The farmer removes the thorny bushes and plants, ploughs, waters, sows, manures, fences, destroys pests and then reaps the harvest and fills his granary. Similarly, the sadhaka (spiritual aspirant) should be like a good farmer. He should remove wasteful and wicked thoughts from his heart, plough the heart with good deeds, water it with love, manure it with faith, plant the saplings of the Name of the Lord and fence the field with discipline, destroy pests with shraddha (faith) and reap the harvest of jnaana. Life should not be frittered away in accumulating riches but should be spent in knowing about the glory of God and realising him in the innermost being of oneself.


Man has to seek all means for discovering the meaning of life otherwise, he is lost and wanders from birth to birth receiving knock after knock. Man is deluded into taking the body, the objects and the sense-experienced world as real. This delusion is deep-rooted and it has warped the outlook putting man on the wrong track. One should understand that he is deluded by a false sense of values and running after  vanities leaving reality behind. One should struggle to gain enough faith and strength to make himself recoil from this pursuit and gain the glory of discovering his great illusion. True wisdom is attained by not getting entangled in the worldly relationships but only by always having desire for God.


Inspire people to better their lives so that they learn the path of inner peace and devotion. Use your talents for glorification of God and for the uplifting of man. Offer your talents at the lotus feet of God and let every act be a flower full of love and sacrifice and free from creeping worms of envy and egoism. To visualise multiplicity is ajnana (ignorance) and to visualise unity in multiplicity is jnana (wisdom).


Be an example for others to show that the godly path is the best and the safest. Being in sathsangh (good company), thinking of God, listening to discourses are only preliminaries which help to awaken interest in 'farming'. Do not spend all your time in fencing because your will be left with little time for attending to the crop for which the fence is designed to protect.


The human body is not you. Contemplate on the thought that the body simply houses the indwelling spark of divine which is 'You'.  When the truth unfolds, you will find your true identity and you will everyone in the same light. Real Sadhana for attaining liberation is worshiping and seeking refuge in changeless truth.




Omsai Srisai Jaijaisai