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Note: It is hoped that the following informations would help all our Balavikas students and other aspirants to know the Divine Lord Sai’s life and messages in a nutshell and are intended for fact-finding reading.


1. What are the prophecies made on the advent of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba?


1. I. Sri Sathya Sai Baba is the Avatar of Kali Yuga. To day both in this country and in many other countries, millions of people believe this. God men and men of vision have prophesied several thousand years ago about God coming down to the earth in this form. The advent of Sathya Sai marks the beginning of the golden age of spiritual renaissance of the world. The Avatar’s mission is to save mankind from the ruinous path of moral degradation, and to unite the entire humanity into a single family.

The prophecy of the Avatar has got its source in Dwapara Yuga. When Sage Markandeya visited Pandavas in their exile informed them that Lord Vishnu had declared that HE would take the human form in Kali Yuga having a body of dark colour and be born in southern India. The Avatar would assume inconceivable human form and possess great energy, intelligence and powers to manifest all things, He thinks of. He would restore order and peace. The truth of this prophecy was proved to a devotee by Bhagawan Baba, by showing in His face, all the nine previous Avatars and the last Kalki Avatar in the reflection of waters of Chitravathi.

The fact that the Sai Avatar is Kalki Avatar, has again been confirmed by Swami at Prashanthi Nilayam to Mrs. Hilda Charlton of U.S.A., who could see during Bhajan session, a figure of great beauty riding on a white horse, over Baba's head, while Swami was sitting in the chair.

II. Shuka Naadi Grantham, a palm leaf manuscript written about 5000 years ago, has the prophecy of Sai Avatar. It contains many details about Sri Sathya Sai Baba's family, the year, month, Tithi or say, birth-star and Lagnam planetary conjunctions of Sai Baba's birth. Also about his unique personality, abilities including details of HIS previous Avatar as Shirdi Sai and His mission.

Shuka Naadi also states that Sathya Sai will make people to overcome all problems and difficulties and realise their inner divinity. It says, He is all knowing, all pervading. The Naadi says that Sathya Sai's full powers will be known when Adharma or unrighteousness in the world grows to the fullest. It has also mentioned the age upto which the present human body of Sri Sathya Sai will remain.

III. The statement of Jesus is another prophecy. "Jesus said He who has sent me will come again, His name will be Truth, He will wear a red robe, He will be short with a crown of hair." This statement admirably refers to Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai.

IV. The Agastya Naadi describes Baba as "Medical Master of great efficiency". Those who are familiar with the instant cures effected by Swami on patients suffering from incurable diseases, will see how these words about Swami in the Nadis are true. It also says this Avatar shall found many educational institutions, produce literature of virtuous conduct and preach spirituality. It has predicted Swami’s leaving His house at an early age and His being the Shirdi Sai in the earlier Avatar.

V. Brahma Naadi records that Sathya Sai Avatar is a Shiva Shakti Avatar in Shaanthaalaya of Parthi, (Prashanthi Nilayam) and He is the reincarnation of SRI Krishna. It also says that He is an Avatar of Trinity.

VI. In Kalagnaana, the Yogi-Narayana Yathindra of Kaiwara, in Karnataka, prophesies the advent of Sai Avatar. He says, the Avatar will be of par excellence. He will be an expert in Brahma Vidhya. He will be of pure spiritual knowledge and with a free and steadfast mind (vimala vignnaani). He also says that the Avatar will arrange Upanayanams (sacred thread investitures), marriages of the poor, will build places of worship, people of all faiths will be benefited by him. (All these prophecies are fulfilled in Sri Sathya Sai's omnipresent Avatar.)

VII. The Jewish astrologer Nastradamus long ago prophesied that a supreme leader of mankind will be born in South India. Thursday will be the day dear to him. The enormous powers of Saainaath will emerge victorious and prevail in the entire world.

VIII. The prophecy of Prophet Mohammed in the "Ocean of Light", is: He will be a great leader, His hair will be profuse, His forehead will be large and concave. The nose will be small with a slight bump at the bridge, His front teeth spaced apart. He will have a mole on the cheek; His dress will be like a flame. He will wear dhoti. His face will be like the colour of copper, sometimes like gold, sometimes dark and sometime like moon. He will give you the things, you ask from God. He will go round among devotees. He will be kind to the whole world. Muslims will recognise him only nine years before His passing away. He will bring out things, out of his body, through His mouth (Shivalinga). All these features fit closely with Bhagawan Sathya Sai.

IX. Pope John XXII prophesied that a small bare foot man of dark skin, in the red robe, will eventually take over the Vatican.

With the above prophecies on the Lord Sainath's Avatar, let us also remember His own declaration: "I have come:

i. In order to turn men away from the immorality and injustice, greed and envy, on to the royal road of spiritual practice or Sadhana, through loving gentleness,

ii. In order to demonstrate the value of Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love as instruments for individual and social progress.

iii. In order to infuse confidence and contentment in the hearts of the good people who are stricken by fear and anxiety."

2. What is the revelation made by Harold Baranowski of the University of Arizona? Who had developed the Science of Auronomy by means of his Kirlian photography?


2. Harold Baranowski studied the auras of many eminent people. But he found the aura emanating from Baba was something unbelievable - super human. Baranowski stayed in Brindhaavan and studied Baba's Aura by means of his Kirlian camera. He saw that at all times the aura of love pink in colour emanate from the body of Baba extending and expanding at least 300 feet distance almost blanketing a crowd of three thousand people. He says that Baba is Divinity indeed, the embodiment of Love in all its purity. Love is His form. Love is His message, and Mission. Love is God, God is love.

3. What has Baba said about "The Sai Trinity?"

Swami explained the triple incarnation as follows:

"One has to understand the oneness of the three incarnations, Pathri Sai (Shirdi Sai), Parthi Sai (Sathya Sai) and Prema Sai. The powers and their tasks are the same though there might be some differences according to the environment and situation. Shirdi Sai laid the basis for secular and spiritual integration and His message is Duty or Work. The mission of this Avatar is to make man realise the Divinity residing in everyone and enable them to help one and all. Thus work should become an act of worship. The third Avatar will make man realise he himself is God - that is wisdom. The three Avatars stand for Work, Worship and Wisdom."

4. How does Baba explain the significance of the three letters in His NAME SAI?

Baba once (13-8-78) declared:

i) Believe that the SOHAM principle meaning ( I am that) is implicit in SAI S stands for SAI A stands for and I stands for the Sadhak

The name SAI reminds you Thathwamasi: SAI and I are one.

In another context Baba said:
ii) SAI means "See Always I" meaning 'self

iii) Recently (18-11-1995) Baba said that His Name Sai spells out the three fold transformation that He desires to bring about. S standing for spiritual transformation. A standing for Association or social transformation. I standing for individual transformation.

iv) Baba said in another context (18-11-1995) that the three letters in SAI stands for: S = Service Activity (Work) A = Adoration (Worship) I = Illumination (Wisdom)

Thus Sai stands for the triple form of spiritual Sadhana, which He wants us all to practice.

Source: ‘QUIZ on The Divine Life and Message’
Published by Sri Sathya Sai Books & Publications Trust Prashanthi Nilayam, India

Sent with Sai love by Sai brother M. Palaniswamy, ‘saidevotees_worldnet’